2014 Results (PDF)
2014 Results (DOC)

Interviews with judges from 2012 competition

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Nick Goldschmidt
Winemaker, Goldschmidt Vineyards, Healdsburg, CA
PLAY >    2:05

Cole Danehower
Co-owner and Publisher, Northwest Palate Magazine - Portland, Oregon
PLAY >    1:46

Mike Dunn
Free Lance Writer, The Sacramento Bee, A Year In Wine and Finding Los Cabos
PLAY >    3:15

Daryl Groom
Owner and Winemaker, Groom Wines, Healdsburg, CA
PLAY >    2:21

Patrick Farrell, MW
President, Inventive Technologies, Inc. Huntington Beach, CA
PLAY >    2:52

Peter Marks, MW
Vice President of Wine Education, Constellation Wines; Napa , CA
PLAY >    1:20

Bob Betz, MW
Founder-Winemaker, Betz Family Winery - Woodville, WA
PLAY >    1:33

Hunter Hammett, WSET(Advanced Certified)
Sommelier, Pyramid Restaurant and Bar, Fairmont Hotel, Dallas, Texas
PLAY >    1:46

Christy Canterbury, MW
Wine buyer, Journalist and Educator, New York, NY
PLAY >    1:18

Marguerite Thomas
Features Writer, winereviewonline.com, Columnist, Vineyard & Winery Management, Baltimore, MD
PLAY >    1:37

Sean Beck
Sommelier/Beverage Director Backstreet Cafe, Hugo's, and Trevisio Restaurants - Houston, Texas
PLAY >    1:21

Guy Stout, MS
Corporate Director Beverage education, Glazier's Family of Companies, Houston, Texas
PLAY >    1:33

Don Brady
Winemaker/Director of Operations, Robert Hall Winery
PLAY >    1:26

Tim Gaiser, MS
Director of Education, American Chapter, Court of Master Sommeliers Americas, San Francisco, CA
PLAY >    1:03

Mark Davidson
Market Development Manager, Wine Australia USA, Vancouver, BC, Canada
PLAY >    0:52

Robert Whitley
Wine Writer, Publisher, Wine Competition Director, San Diego, CA
PLAY >    0:45